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_CreeperFace_ on the Oribi Plaza.

_CreeperFace_ is one of the two President of Highcrest. He lives in the underwater city Metroplex together with fellow president BlitzzFire. He mostly spents his time by visiting other cities and by testing with redstone.

Way of Ruling and specialityEdit

"Being fair equals being strong" 

The way _CreeperFace_ rules is simple, you just need to have fun. _CreeperFace_ likes to help people out, likes to go on an adventure, he pretty much likes to have joy with the other players. But always be fair to him. Only then he will see you as a friend. He lives by the rule of "Being fair equals being strong". What this means? No one knows, because he never tells. He doesn't like to ban people, neither sending them to jail.


As mentioned before, _CreeperFace_ likes to mess around with redstone. He oftenly gives redstone lessons at the Academy. _CreeperFace_ has his own redstone testing field, which he keeps secretly somewhere in the world, which is called Area 51, according to the presidents. 

There is not much known about him, as he likes to keep many things secret. Why is unknown. 


  • _CreeperFace_ is one of the two presidents of the server;
  • _CreeperFace_'s in-game name is not based on the monster (the Creeper), although, he still has a strong like for them;
  • _CreeperFace_'s favorite item is the redstone torch;
  • _CreeperFace_ is most-likely the president taking care of the grievers and other ban-like business, even though he doesn't like to ban people from the server (although he has an hate against cheating and grieving);
  • _CreeperFace_ has a pet called Ricardo, although it hasn't been confirmed yet what kind of animal it is.