BlitzzFire is one of the 2 President of Highcrest. He lives in the Underwater city of Metroplex together with fellow president _CreeperFace_. Most of the time he is busy with political business, for that reason he visits the the cities once a week to speak with the Governor to check up with how the city is doing.

Way of Ruling and specialityEdit

Way of Ruling:

BlitzzFire is the more political of the two. He likes to be up-to-date about what's happening in the world. He is also working closely with the senators and govenors to keep the cities growing and the wealth high. He stimulates people to go to the academy to learn new stuff. He oftenly gives lectures at the academy to political students about how it's going in the world etc. etc.


BlitzzFire likes to go on an adventure. He owns a private farm in Metroplex, behind his Estate. There are some days in the week, mostly Thursdays and Fridays, that BlitzzFire suddenly disappears and comes back on Friday eve.


  • He's one the 2 presidents of Highcrest.
  • He is most likely the one thats gonna deal with the politics and economics, while _CreeperFace_ is dealing with griefiers, spammers, buildings, redstone.
  • He rules from the Underwater city of Metroplex.
  • He always wears a Mask so you can only see his eyes, no one knowa, even _CreeperFace_, whats under his mask.
  • He owns a pet cat called Mistress.